Sony is revealing 9 new PlayStation 5 indie games today + PS Now updates

A new PlayStation Indies initiative is being unveiled today along with a host of PlayStation 5 indie games. Shuhei Yoshida — the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation Indie division — took to the official PS Blog today to reveal new plans in the indie game space. After showing some love to small development houses in last month’s wide-ranging PlayStation 5 showcase event, Yoshida and PlayStation are now doubling down on the platform’s commitment to independent developers for this generation and next. That includes a regular smattering of new PS Now titles as well as a collection of brand new PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 indie games. Head below for a closer look.

Shuhei Yoshida said the response to some of the indie titles shown during the PS5 Future of Gaming event was quite encouraging and the company looking to infuse the remainder of this generation as well as the PlayStation era with loads of amazing new indie experiences.

We trust indie developers with strong vision will continue to bring ideas that have never been tried before, creating whole new genres of games and advancing the art and meaning of video games. PlayStation has always embraced games with completely new concepts, like PaRappa the Rapper, Katamari Damacy, LittleBigPlanet, and Journey, and we look forward to seeing what surprising new ideas will come next!

As part of today’s reveal, Sony is announcing plans to bring a regular stream of new indie titles to its on-demand game streaming service, PlayStation Now. While Sony has been at the tail end of the pack when it comes to game streaming popularity, an injection of new indie titles could bring some new excitement to the service as we move into the PS5 era. While Yoshida said details are still forthcoming, Sony is confirming that it will bring a new indie title to PS Now every month, starting with Hello Neighbor this July.

New PlayStation 5 indie games:

However, Sony is also unveiling a series of new PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 indie games throughout the morning — nine of them to be exact. They are described as “imaginative and exciting titles coming to both PS4 and PS5.” We will be updating this post throughout the day as the new indie game trailers and details are unveiled with the first two titles consisting of mind-bending recursive simulation and dieselpunk-inspired action.


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