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Yunteng YT 1288 Bluetooth Selfie Stick

2,990.00 LKR

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  • Highlights
    • Superb built quality.
    • Sturdy aluminium material.
    • Bluetooth remote with Shutter(Click) plus Zoom in & Zoom Out Button.
    • Bluetooth remote comes with long lasting inbuilt battery. (charging cable included)
    • 500 gms load taking capacity.
    • can be attached Mobile, DSLRs, Point to shoot cameras, go-pro cameras, 360 degree cameras & other accessories cameras.
    • Sturdy mobile holder for  4 to 6 inch smartphones.
    • Buckle designed style to lock the pipe.
    • International Standard 1/4 screw.
    • International Standard 1/4 screw hole at the bottom for tripods.
    • Unique ball-head for easy adjustment to any angle, can be rotated 360 degrees.
    • Anti-slip rubber and sponge pad on mobile holder.
    • Rubber grip on handle.
    • Extended Length – 1250 mm (4 feet).

Yunteng YT-1688 Handheld & mini Tripod

5,250.00 LKR

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Product Type: YUNTENG YT-1688
Use models: mobile phones, micro-single, Casio artifacts, DV recorders GOPRO Hero
Product Type: Portable, lightweight, multi-functional
Material: high-quality aluminum alloy, imported ABS
Product weight: 0.3KG
Maximum height: 1340mm (not including clip)
Shrinkage height: 315mm
The largest diameter: 23.3mm
Maximum load: 5KG
Feet section: 5 sections
color: black
Product List:
1 * yunteng 1688 tripod
1 * remote control
1 * phone clip
1 * tripod bag