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DJI unveils Pocket 2 at $349 with a larger sensor, wireless mic

DJI’s latest product, the DJI Pocket 2, is here. It has a larger sensor, improved and wireless audio, and a range of modes that make it easier to capture the moment. The Pocket 2 forgoes the old Osmo branding but receives a nice spec bump. You can pick up the Pocket 2 from November 1st for just $349 from DJI’s online store and authorized retailers.

Pocket 2 has managed to pack in an improved camera and microphone array while only adding one gram to the total weight bringing it to just 117 grams. DJI has also managed to keep the battery life the same at 140 minutes, even with the new power-hungry components.

Camera spec bump

The biggest change with the Pocket 2 is the larger 1/1.7″ sensor that improves image quality and performance in low-light settings. The P2 has a 20 mm f/1.8 lens, making it even better in low light situations. The standard image captured is now 16 MP with added support for 64 MP stills while in high-resolution mode.

The Pocket 2 can record video in 4k 60 fps at 100Mbps with the addition of HDR video to improve the colors in the video. Taking photos in the high-resolution mode allows you to zoom in up to 8x and up to 4x when recording in 1080p or taking the standard 16 MP photos. HDR video support will be added at a later date.

DJI has also gone back to the drawing board to improve the autofocus of the Pocket 2. The new stabilized camera uses Hybrid 2.0 AF, which blends phase and contrast detection to improve the speed and accuracy of the autofocus.

A jump in quality

The other major hardware DJI has focused on with the Pocket 2 is the microphone setup. The Pocket 2’s audio system was created from scratch to improve the experience with DJI calling it Matrix Stereo. The P2 features an array of four microphones on each face of the device to make sure the audio you capture is clear and crisp.

The microphone array also has directional audio built-in to automatically switch to the microphone that will make you sound the best. Audio Zoom is back with the Pocket 2, narrowing the microphone’s field along with wind noise reduction.

A mode for everything

DJI’s products always come with a range of modes to make it even easier to capture complex moves. The Pocket 2 features a pro mode that allows you to take control of advanced camera settings, such as the ISO, shutter speed, EV, and focus mode. The camera also features ActiveTrack 3.0 to keep the object in the frame automatically.

The Pocket 2 is capable of 8x or 240 fps slow motion at 1080p along with the standard timelapse, hyperlapse, and motionlapse modes. Hyperlapse automatically stabilizes the footage with the ability to save each image as RAW for all three modes. A 180-degree panorama can be captured with the automated mode as well as a 3×3 panorama for a much larger field of view.

DJI has made it easier than ever to share your life with the world as it happens with the ability to live-stream to Facebook, YouTube, or via RTMP. If you would rather create a story and upload it later, you can do it with Story mode. It allows you to capture shots with automatic movements and adds color profiles, music, and transitions to make you footage share-ready. All the modes are accessible via the DJI Mimo app.

Credit: DJI

A range of accessories

Along with improved on-board audio, the Pocket 2 comes with a new wireless microphone accessory that allows you to capture high-quality audio without a cable or using the built-in microphone. Along with the new wireless microphone module, DJI has released some other great accessories to enhance your experience further.

The base of the Pocket 2 is now removable and allows for several accessories to attach directly to the stabilized camera including, the Do-It-All Handle, a Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth module, a speaker, a 3.5 mm audio jack, and the wireless microphone system.

The Pocket 2 can also be used with a new charging case. waterproof housing, a smaller control wheel, an extension rod, a wide-angle lens, and a smartphone mounting system.


DJI Pocket 2 will be available from November 1st from DJI’s online store and authorized retailers starting at $349, which gets you the Pocket 2, a mini control stick, and tripod mount. DJI Care Refresh is also available for the Pocket 2 and will set you back $29.

If you are wanting more, you can pick up the Creator Combo for $499, which gets you the Pocket 2, a mini control stick, tripod mount, wide-angle lens, wireless microphone and windscreen, Do-It-All Handle, and the micro tripod.

Photo: DJI

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