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Bose launches three new Frames sunglasses with built-in speakers, more

At the end of August, we saw rumors circulating that Bose was primed and ready to launch new smart glasses thanks to an FCC filing. Well, today, Bose launched three new Frames offering unique designs that each have their own style. From the Frames Tempo, that delivers a design engineered specifically for outdoor workouts, to the Tenor and Soprano that are built to be used every day, you’ll enjoy the Open Ear Audio technology that Bose is so well-known for.

Enjoy polarized lenses, Open Ear Audio, and more with the latest Bose Frames

You’ll find that, while the Bose Frames Tempol, Frames Tenor, and Frames Soprano offer slightly different outward styling, they all have essentially the same feature set. Each delivers Bose’s proprietary Open Ear Audio technology that is essentially a super small Bose speaker system. No actual speakers are here though, at least, not in the traditional sense. Bose Frames deliver actually pretty good sound for music, let you take calls, and use your smartphone’s assistant, all without blasting audio to those around you. The best part is there are no earbuds to wear or external speakers here, so you can easily hear other people talking to you without having to stop the audio from playing or take something out of your ears.

bose frames tempo

Bose Frames Tempo are built for sports and action

If you’re someone who likes to do outdoor activities, like play sports, ride bikes, or anything similar, the Frames Tempo are perfect for you. They offer a lightweight and flexible design that’s built to withstand extreme temperatures and equal training. The custom-designed hinges and temple tips offer comfortability while keeping them nice and secure to your head. The three different shapes of nose pads ensure you have the perfect one for you, whether you’re running a marathon, on the water, off-roading, or going down a steep decline on a bike, the Bose Frame Tempo is designed not to “move, shake, or shift when you do.”

The technology built into the Frames Tempo includes a 22mm full-range driver embedded in each temple to allow for loud music without hurting your ears. Bose claims that this allows you to hear music or take calls while cycling at up to 25MPH, all while still being able to hear traffic, warnings, and more. Frames Tempo are also built to fit underneath most protective helmets, they’re sweat-, weather-, scratch-, and shatter-resistant, and can go for up to 8-hours on a single charge.

bose frames tenor and soprano

Bose Frames Tenor and Soprano are built to be as stylish as you are

While the Frames Tempo is designed to fit your active lifestyle, the Frames Tenor and Soprano are geared toward being more stylish instead of rugged. The Tenor offers a smaller, squared style while the Soprano packs a subtle cat-eye, making sure you can pick whichever one fits your outfits better.

Both sets of Frames here offer 16mm speakers in each temple, allowing you to wear a gorgeous pair of sunglasses while listening to your favorite tunes or taking a call, all without having a single thing inside of your ear. The Tenor and Soprano offer scratch- and shatter-resistance with 5.5-hours of usage on a single charge. The lenses are super simple to switch out, giving you the ability to make them fit whatever mood you’re in.

Pricing and availability

Each pair of the new Bose Frames sunglasses is available for $249.95 each, which offers a slightly increased pricing when compared to the previous-generation, which we found to be quite nice in our hands-on review. The new Bose Frames will begin shipping as soon as today.